Jewfish Sink Dive-3/30/19

Madison Davis, Bobby Scharping, and Dr. Garey visited Jewfish Sink, about a km offshore from Fillman’s Bayou near Aripeka Florida. The goal was to get deep water column and sediment for Madison’s three sinks project where she is comparing the microbial communities and hydrochemistry of Jewfish Sink, Hospital Hole, and Hudson Grotto. This is the last set of samples she needs for the project. We saw dolphins, sea turtles and most specially, a Goliath Grouper. You may know this is the largest species of grouper and can weigh in at more than 700 lbs and grow to a length of 8 feet. They are a protected species that used to be called Jewfish, hence the name Jewfish Sink. The Garey Lab has been diving Jewfish Sink for about 20 years and yet this is the very first time we spotted a Goliath Grouper in the sink. It was somewhere around 5 feet in length and just cruised through the shallow throat of the sink, about five feet in front of us, probably looking for the mangrove snapper and sheepshead we had notice earlier.

jewfish ascent_Moment.jpg
jewfish bobby_Moment.jpg