Crab Creek Spring Dive on July 29, 2018

We did a field trip to the Chassahowitzka River Sunday morning of July 29th to support Meredith and Bobby’s project on the Crab Creek Springs. We met at the lab a 6 AM and had the boat trailer and all the gear loaded up and out the door by 6:30. We launched the boat around 8:15 and were on site at 8:30. There is a wide creek that feeds into the Chassahowitzka that is fed by a number of springs, so we were picking up some instruments we had left in those springs in April and went in one of the springs to get samples. It was a small underwater cave with a tight restriction that we wriggled through, then down a passage to a beautiful little underwater room where we spent about 30 minutes collecting samples. there were even some stygobitic amphipods swimming around. It was a great day.