Double Keyhole Spring dive on December 12, 2017

 We visited Double Keyhole Spring to harvest the first set of microcosms for Vickie's senior thesis carbonate dissolution project. We left the lab at 7 AM and arrived at the Aripeka FL boat ramp at 8:15. It was a beautiful calm cool day. We launched the boat and motored to the Spring with a bunch of dolphins riding our bow wave part of the way.  We arrived around 9:30 and were in the water a little after 10 AM. High tide was at noon, and we have to collect water samples an hour or two prior to high tide as the tide can cause the spring to reverse flow. We need to be sure the water we collect is from the spring and is not Gulf water brought in with the high tide. The goal was to bring one set of 12 microcosms out along with a full set of water samples, sediment samples, and microbial mat samples from the wall of the conduit. The microcosms are pvc tubes containing crushed limestone. It took Bobby and Dr. Garey a little over an hour to collect all the samples but took all night for the lab members to process them all once we got back to the lab.