Garey Lab Members


Dr. James Garey


Graduate Students

Madison Davis

PhD student studying the chemocline present in Hospital Hole, a deep sinkhole in the Weeki Wachee River in Florida. The chemocline is the demarcation between deeper salty water from the lower part of the upper Floridan Aquifer and the shallower water from the overlying fresh Weeki Wachee River water.  She is also testing the use of microbial communities from these salty sinks for use in anaerobic digestion of marine aquaculture waste.

Bobby Scharping

PhD student and cave diver who is studying the biogeochemistry, hydrology and microbial communities in Sulphur Springs, an urban spring located in the City of Tampa.

Arian Farid

MS student who is studying the sytematics and distribution of fleshy fungi in Florida. His work is being carried out in association with the USF Herbarium and its Director, Dr. Alan Franck.




Undergraduate Students


Vickie Frazier

Undergraduate honors thesis student studying microbial-driven carbonate dissolution in the Double Keyhole Spring System for her Honor's thesis.


Former Students

Some former members:
Left to right: Roy Vaughn PhD 2010 now adjunct instructor at USF, PhD; Dave Karlen, PhD 2010, now at Florida EPC; Haydn Rubelmann PhD 2014 now Instructor at USF; Alan Franck PhD 2012, now Herbarium Director; Tiehang Wu, former post-doctoral fellow- now Assistant Professor at Georgia Southern University; James Garey; Damian Menning PhD 2014 now USGS Scientist.